Frühjahr / Sommer 2020 ist wegen Corona leider ausgefallen

Herbst / Winter 2019

Zwei Looks aus der Herbst / Winter Kollektion aus Mailand

A collection divided into an emotional side – ‘Heart’ – where the main character uses fashion to experience and relive a real life, unfiltered, aware of its own strength but also of weaknesses and imperfections that make it unique, original. In the meanwhile, there is rational thought – ‘Earth’ – to raise awareness of the fundamental worldwide environmental and social changes and their impact on beauty, with new inclusivity and fluidity in gender, age and shape. Shot in Milan, H-eart-H is the new Kemon collection for Fall/Winter 2019-2020.


A hairdresser is a modern craftsman who is no longer limited to a merely technical pursuit, but now dares to be a purveyor of fashion, where the female of the species is the absolute star of the show in her raw authenticity. So, hybrid colours came about in just such a way: icy coppers which fold in with gentle washing as if they were honey itself; a beige that blows your mind when combined with natural blonde; and, last out of the hat, the metallic browns glowing violet under the lights. Shape and length come together to create sinuous movement to provide elegance to sit alongside style, while enabling quick and easy changes through different stylings to bolster the crossover concept.


An unexpected beauty to consider against a backdrop of classical tropes which have inspired us over the years, redefining them in a more fluid and inclusive manner. Hair takes on a major role in this style, not imposing itself, rather emphasizing a desire to experiment that is somewhat pronounced. Icy blonde roots mean pastels, as delicate baby lavenders and peachy pinks, can flow through; more intense browns able to create an interplay with the light and provide harmony to the lines. The styling is softly done to emphasise the healthiness of the hair. By contrast, the wet look is a tearaway – with a slamming mood which is anything but timid.

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